Don’t kick my chair!

23 Apr

[Guest post by Ron Tuffin. Ron is a good friend of mine from a previous job and from Church, his friendship and his praying for me back then is a perfect example of our church’s Invest and Invite strategy.You can catch Ron on Twitter or on his blog; Just Plain Ron. Ron knows something about fatherhood way more than me; going on his second princess now – we are praying for him and his family for the hectic first weeks of a new born.]
Despite my views on karma, when we consider parenting there is a very real cyclic feel to things. Time and time again I find myself responding to my kids in ways my parents responded to me. And I find CJ, especially, responding to me in much the same way I responded to my parents ‘back in the day’.
When I was a kid I often found myself sitting in the back seat of a car with my Mom in the front seat directly in front of me. I think that because it was just more comfortable that way, I used to rest my feet on the back surface of her chair. Whenever I did this, without fail, I would hear the words “Stop kicking the back of my chair”. I was amazed at the sensitivity my Mom displayed. Often I would try and figure out how much pressure I would have to put on the chair for her to feel it, and would gradually increase the pressure until I got told off.

As I said, things do seem to cycle. We have recently moved CJ’s chair directly behind the drivers seat to make room for Alicia ‘on the baby side of the car’. So I often experience the feeling of little feet pushing through the chair. It is only now that I realized that my mom was not super sensitive, it is just that you can feel EVERYTHING through the seat back.
CJ often claims that she is not kicking the chair, but man I can feel those feet.

So, sorry Mom for all those times I pressed my little feet deep into your kidneys. I now know exactly what it feels like.

Do your kids teach you any of these lessons from the past?

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2 Responses to “Don’t kick my chair!”

  1. Ron April 24, 2009 at 6:58 am #

    Hey Phil, where did you get a picture of such cute girls, their dad must be really good looking.

    Seriously thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog 🙂


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