Stephen’s First Donkey Ride

21 Jun

While on Holiday at Club Mykonos last week Stephen had an opportunity to ride Chester the Donkey. Without any reservations Stephen was happy to be plonked onto Chester for most of the ride. I on the other hand had my heart leaping every so often whenever he happened to shift in the seat. I was ready to dive and catch a split second before any fall.
If I ask Stephen now about Chester he makes two clicking sounds, interesting.

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One Response to “Stephen’s First Donkey Ride”

  1. Lesley Dewar June 23, 2009 at 1:32 am #

    Glad to hear that Stephen has recovered so well, Phillip and your leave of absence is fullly understood. Social Media becomes very unfriendly to one’s family and one’s life – as your time is nibbled away by a host of hungry little fishes, swarming around your ankles and your fingertips. – for your interest – an update on Alpha Inventions. Did you know that Cheru is a black rapper? He has a site on MySpace.

    Go well and go in peace. Lesley

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