The Day God Called

12 Sep

gateOne day, almost a year ago, when Stephen was about 1 years old, Kathy was having a meeting. There were a number of people there and their cars were parked in the driveway – blocking the gate from closing.
Stephen was happily playing in the lounge as he always does during those meeting; sometimes watching certain people’s antics in bemusement that only a starting toddler can.
After a few minutes of intense discussion there was a ringing sound. One of the ladies looked up to see who might be at the gate – thinking that the bell there had gone. But instead of seeing someone trying to call for attention, she saw Stephen at the open gate.
Needless to say he was rescued quite quickly.
It just happened to be the day that he could just stretch to open the security gate, it just so happened that the cellphone rang (not the gate bell) from someone unknown who did not leave a message.
Just saying – I think that God was looking out for little Stephen.


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