Blood Results in, Dust Mites in Control

22 Sep

park2We took Stephen in for a blood test for allergies; not a good experience for a two year old. I was not able to go, I wanted to, but things worked against me – it was hard that I could not to be a support for my child (and wife).
Anyway; according to the test, Stephen is only slightly allergic to Dairy milk, but significantly allergic to house dust mites. Not really a surprise for me – I has suspected it. Now we can concentrate in preventing unnecessary irritation because of that.
Time to bring out the big guns. Army helmet on, ole LMG with tracer rounds, grrrr.

Just reading up at
We only have one carpet, but maybe we can get a better vacuum cleaner for eradicating dust mites, and vacuum more often – within reason.
Not sure what else, other than covering the mattresses, spraying etc.
The Rooibos in the bath will probably not make a difference but we’ll probably keep on that cos Stephen always calls for it; “Tea-ahhhh” ha ha ha


One Response to “Blood Results in, Dust Mites in Control”

  1. Christiana Cooke March 1, 2011 at 6:02 am #

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