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Father Fail

30 Nov

Father Fail
We all make mistakes right?
But we learn, we grow, we have fun.

Couldn’t think of anything this week, but over a year ago I almost dropped my son on his head :O
Fortunately I was sitting down and on a carpet. I was spinning him around and he slipped thru my legs.
Lots of tears, no harm, but I was so angry with myself.

Your turn 😉 …


Stop, Don’t Stop

28 Nov

stopdontstopMost people know the lyrics of the song by Clash:

Should I stay or should I go now?
if I go there will be trouble,
and if I stay there will be double.

It’s kind of like the advise people give, don’t you think?
Everyone has a different opinion and good or bad it may be right or wrong.
Where am I leading with this?
What do you think?


Learning to say Thank You

27 Nov

Thank youMy son still has a long way to go before he can read on his own or even have a two way conversation that goes past 3 or 4 broken sentences. yet there are some words and phrases that can be taught that go beyond the word or words themselves. But that makes it even harder.
Please and Thank You come to mine, not only because they are polite but also because they infer respect to another party. That is what makes it hard for a toddler to understand.
Kids grow up taught to be self-centered then we complain about their attitudes when they are teenagers. From bum gel to hair gel kids kids are indoctrinated that it is all about them. A bit hard to avoid as a doting parent where your child is the whole world.
In order for us to teach our children not to be self-centered we need to start early with Thank you and Please.
But the question is how? Apart from repeating the phrase all the time, how does one show the concept?
[Photo by: vernhart]

Children See, Children Do

26 Nov

Got this Video from a friend at work.
So impactful.
Makes you think about what sort of example you set for your children,
they are so impressionable.
What about the movies or TV programs they watch; even cartoons, hmmmm
Wonder where they picked up that behavior?

30 Days to Becoming a Better Parent

23 Nov

Found this great series on DadBlogs, pity I happened upon it near the end.
Here are the Links for Day 1 to Day 30. I plan to start from Day 1 and work my way through everyone:

Join me?

Kids are Heroes

23 Nov

Kids are Heroes

Kids are indeed heroes and each one has the power to change the world.

My son has some way in becoming a hero, but through the examples and inspirations on the Kids are Heroes website I can begin sowing the seeds towards being the right type of Kid Hero.
Maybe one day Stephen will be listed as a Hero on Kids Are Heroes 🙂 That would be cool.
But for now, and even for those that don’t have children, we can still be involved whether by donating or just giving a shout out.

Father Fail

22 Nov

Father FailOk we all stuff up.
But we learn from our mistakes, hopefully we all learn, hopefully no one is hurt in the process.
So here is an opportunity for all us to share the stories of when we have failed as father and how we learned something out of it.
The idea is similar to Human3rror‘s Husband Fail Friday Series – so complete kudos to him. But I kind of resolved to do this because of what happened today. Here it is: Continue reading