Drummer Boy with Sound

21 Nov

The other day, Kathy and Stephen went to the craft market. Sitting on one of those dark wooded high back chairs (starting low on the ground) was a Rastafarian looking fellow playing what looked like a Djembe. Stephen was enthralled. After some time of what could have only been a piercing study (by a 26 month old) Stephen set out to find a Djembe he liked by testing a few. The Rastafarian looking fellow continued to play his own Djembe. Satisfied, Stephen found one he liked and sat on an empty chair next to the drummer. Obviously Kathy did not have a camera with her – Murphy’s Law in full effect; but many others did – if you were one of them please send a picture. For a while the Rastafarian showed Stephen how to play the Djembe, and Stephen copied as well as he could. I wish I was there.
So now it’s settled – I will be getting one of these drums for Stephen, gulp.
Anyway, here is Stephen playing drums (has sound) – very cool 🙂


One Response to “Drummer Boy with Sound”

  1. Kathy November 22, 2009 at 4:17 pm #

    I always love the way he watches people who play drums- he honestly seems to be studying them! So often a kid will just go and “bash away”, but not Stephen. The best part is how he taps the sticks together to set the beat before starting to play! That’s definately from watching others! I agree…sigh…maybe it will have to be a drum for Christmas after all!

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