Dad Communities

1 Dec

Lets face it, no one wants to go it alone. Even the Special Forces Soldier leopard crawling through the Ganges for Honor and Country would much rather be doing it with a few buddies he could trust.
So, in the online connected world who is out there?
Who can we engage with?

  • Connect?
  • Befriend?
  • Trust?

Here’s a few communities that I have seen and been a part of. Perhaps you have a few that you can suggest – please feel free to add them to the comments section.

Twitter Dads Twitter Dads is a NING Social network: “Dads tweet too! : listen, inspire, guide, love and share …” Currently populated by over 250 Dads and Moms. Lots of discussion, blogs etc. How TwitterDads site works ?
Dad Blogs Great place to engage with other bloggers who are family minded. You can be involved with the Friday Fatherhood concept where you can contribute towards a theme on your own blog. The guys there are great and are willing to connect with you on your own blog.
dad-o-matic “Dad-o-Matic shares opinions, reviews, advice and news for dads by dads. It is the largest collection of dads anywhere online Our Dads” Seems like a great please to be involved in, especially since it was initiated by the Trust Agents and master himself; Chris Brogan. But I have not been successful in joining as yet.

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