Father Fail

22 Dec

Father Fail

The other day, I was going to quickly change Stephen’s nappy, it was morning, he had just woken up. As I put him up on the changing mat – actually a counter, he called for his Pooh Bear. I turned around to get it, I heard an odd sound, turned back.

I split second.

And Stephen was already flipping over the edge of the counter.

I was just not fast enough.

All that went through my mind was like a force of will for him to fall on his back.

Somehow did. Lots of tears, More of a fright than anything else.

Last week I was there for him, to catch him before a serious faceplant, this week I was not. I can’t be there all the time, but when I am and I can’t react, I feel bad.

Anyway this series is not about defeat and loss, it is about learning and overcoming.

How about you, what are you going through? Learning?


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