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Stephen Trying Photography

28 Feb

Like a pro he was taking all sorts of angles, asking me to say cheese, even taking – what I am sure – abstract shots. lol. It was just cute.
Stephen trying photography


7 weeks to go

26 Feb

egg pram

a new born and a new name

22 Feb

No, I aint gonna tell everyone what we will be naming our daughter when she is born in about 8 weeks time.
I need to come up with a plan to rename this blog/migrate/integrate and maybe go self hosted with a combination blog for my son and daughter.
The countdown is 4 weeks then the decision is final.
This your time to be a part of a new name.
Your time to make a great contribution.
Your time to influence the future.
Feel inspired by my short motivational speech?
Quick write a comment below before it passes tell me what you think or what suggestion you have.

Laws of the Child: The Law a Water Addition

21 Feb

The sum of the water in and out of the bath is always greater thank the water originally put into the bath. Excluding any personal additions.
water splash

Preparing your 1st Child for a Sibling

11 Feb

In less than two months Stephen’s sister will be born. We keep mentioning this fact to Stephen as often as possible so that he can understand the situation a little bit better when it happens. A bit difficult for a 2 and a half year old to understand.
However Stephen refers to babygibb and if you ask him what she will do when she arrives he will say “Wahhhhhhhhhh”.
yes she will cry a lot (hopefully not too much)

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

3 Feb

This is unbelievable.
When Kathy said that she and Stephen had a surprise for me I thought it was a DVD I was waiting for. But then I saw Stephen cycling down the passage. I could not have been prouder.
Stephen got the bicycle from Gramsy (my Mom) for Christmas – just a month ago. I have try a number of times to show him the action of riding but nothing was better than him seeing another kid on a similar bicycle. I think something might have clicked when he was playing with my friend’s son over the weekend.