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My God is so Big

25 Mar

Words can’t really describe it, just watch and tell me what you think.


Washing Pink – it has begun

22 Mar

I remember now, how it was with Stephen; except this time it’s all pink.

Jelly Bean: 4 weeks to go

19 Mar

wow, time just marches on. For weeks to go – from this very day. And poor Jelly Bean’s room is not ready – mostly my fault, but we will sort it out.
I also still have to create a new blog that will journal our journey with both Stephen and Jelly Bean. I better get to work, time is short ……

and Dads are just for Fun

16 Mar

This morning my son slid off the bed and banged his mouth. There was blood and much tears. Stephen did not want anything to do with me. I wanted to comfort him, but nooo; “I want Mommy”.
Then Kathy said something that just nailed it:
Dads are just for Fun
Ok, so this a complete and utter over simplification. Yet it is true. I am fun; I run around like a lunatic, spin around, jump, throw, fall down and make stupid sounds – all with or without my son.
Hmmm, will I also be fun to my Daughter? or might she call me when she is hurt

The Pink Baby Shower

6 Mar

What can I say?
Pink Baby Girl Gifts
Thanks for all the gifts, baba gibb is going to look very cute – and very pink 😉